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Blockchain - Decentralised Application (DAPP)

This is the front-end interface of the web-application that allows us to interact with the blockchain API. Ideally all blockchains will need a web-interface for monitoring and adding data. Tati Blockchain can build your web-interface to your specifications, using your colours and themes to fit your existing infrastructure.

Note it took some time to open this page - loading for just a couple of seconds longer than normal. This is because this page is connected to an actual blockchain. It has to load the blockchain before it can display the information on the page - because the information displayed comes from the blockchain. This is a blockhain application .

Peak in to our blockchain

For illustration we have collected the last three blocks of our chain. Our chain now has 7 blocks.

Last Block Mined
Nonce 54140
Hash 00001bbb8fd838bc74c2e32b096d370de6622e227b702a3c6201777816506b5d
Timestamp 2019-08-22 12:30:48.301520
Block Transactions 0
Last Transaction on the block

Nonce 105749
Hash 0000172b50831fc1e799e5e21c598a97f59d9458a829830adc999590c7991b03
Timestamp 2018-10-19 21:15:46.914388
Block Transactions 0
Last Transaction on the block

Nonce 75535
Hash 000075d51fbeae313f9967b2177b9509432529343abf9458d21133060f28366b
Timestamp 2018-09-29 21:34:23.880890
Block Transactions 8
Last Transaction on the block {'id': 18, 'public_key': '(56597565106728945483519981813485699274033020278104509659425163772533895759787, 14306458195481968063862330931170271172396686647106471112497608173670251443995)', 'signature': '[89977365625549134968887274777672924818772169690397743557569737476816430333296, 101677482385370973864737366378208389265300818680558998643932268640732258492644]', 'transaction': '{"transaction_id": "cbbcf670d06e4f76b256f4e3503ebfa3", "timestamp": "2018-09-29 21:05:20.005421", "data": {"Engineer Name": "Zatosh Nakamoto ", "Email address": "zatosh@nakamoto.com", "Residential Address": "2345 Bitcoin Street, the Moon "}}'}

Is your information public? Can anyone read your data on a blockhain?

The answer is - It DEPENDS

It depends on the design of the blockchain. There are many protocols and systems that allow for privacy on the blockchain. Technically the miners need the data, the signature of keys to verify the information or the blockchain would not work. But there are ways to supply that information without actually reading it or making it available. There are currently numerous working privacy based blockchains that are decentralised.

A trully secure blockchain must be decentralised to ensure multiple copies of it, so you want your blockhain to be as decentralised as possible - otherwise you could just have a normal database. Decentralisation is the key to blockchain technology - which makes privacy a very important element of discussion. You need to be able to distrubute the data - without sharing the data - give enough information to verify the data but not read the data.

Now you can also enter your own information in to the Blockchain. Enter your details below (You can use Fictional Details)

Make sure to record the transaction ID, this will be your proof of registration you can always use in future to confirm registration

Now Enter your training records in to the Blockchain as a registered Engineer. You can enter as many records as you like.

Make sure to record the transaction ID, this is what you will need to track your transaction details. You can use your Registration ID as your UUID

Now that we have entered data in to the Blockchain and reviewed some blocks from the Chain, we come to the real important use-case for Blockchains - being able to retrieve data with ease

To retrieve data for this example, you will need a transaction reference. You can either enter a new transaction, get the reference and use it below, or you can use some of the transaction_ids above: from the sample blocks. Just copy and paste the transaction_id - from inside the ''

Transaction ID
Transaction data

The blockchain search can be customised for whatever criteria you need, registration UUID, dates of transactions, verified vs unverified transactions. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch with our team to find out more. If you are interested drop us a message below

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